The Ubiquiti RouterStationPRO case, part 2

Thank you for your feedback!

I have been encouraged to post a little more info on why certain design decisions were made in the prototype…some of these issues will still be present in the final version, but at least you’ll know *why* certain things are the way they are. None of them are deal-killers, by any means. We’re creatively working on ways to mitigate or overcome all issues to bring you a beautiful, functional little box.

RouterStation PRO inside a Netgate case

During development of this case, we noted a few problems with the placement of certain parts on the board, such as the serial port, LED indicators and miniPCI slots. We have taken steps to develop workarounds in the case design to support the current version of the RouterStation PRO boards.

Here are some of the known issues:

  1. The Serial Port is flush with the edge of the board. If you disassemble the box, please be sure to orient the board correctly before re-installing it in the enclosure or else the board will not slide all the way into the enclosure.
  2. The LED indicators are small, are not edge mounted, and have a very short pitch. We are working on a custom lightguide to bring the indicators out to the case edge.
  3. MiniPCI slot 1:
    • When you insert a miniPCI card into slot 1 and slide it into the case, the edge of the miniPCI card is very close to the case. If you are using a miniPCI card with MMCX connectors that are mounted on the top edge of the card (SR series), you will not be able to attach the pigtails.
    • Oversized cards such as the SR9 and XR9 will not fit in slot 1.
    • You can utilize cards that have connectors on the face of the card (XR2, CM9)
  4. MiniPCI slot 3:
    • Use miniPCI cards that have U.FL connectors or edge mounted MMCX connectors (SR series) only in this slot. Do not attempt to use a miniPCI card that has face-mounted MMCX connectors. The clearance on the bottom of the board is too tight.
    • If you choose to ignore this suggestion, please add a non-conducting insulating layer to the bottom of the case prior to insertion and use of the third miniPCI card with face mounted MMCX connectors. Otherwise your system may not function properly.

Some other things we’ll definitely do to the production version:

  • Add screen printing
  • Add rubber feet
  • Change the screw color
  • Move, delete or re-arrange the vent holes to give us room for screen printing and improve the aesthetic look of the case.
  • …?

Your additional feedback and suggestions are welcomed!


2 responses to “The Ubiquiti RouterStationPRO case, part 2

  1. Good to hear about the lightpipe decision. Would it greatly add costs or complicate functionality to increase the height of the case? It seems like that would provide clearance for the MMCX-connector cards.

  2. This is great…

    The only thing that was keeping me from purchasing a RouterStation Pro board was the lack of a case.

    Can’t wait!!!!

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