UBNT RouterStationPRO case update #2


Thanks for your interest – we’ve had a great response to the Ubiquiti RouterStationPRO case “I may want one!” link on our website. They are being manufactured and we hope to have a more exact ETA for you later this week, but an educated guess would put us at the first or second week of December.

We have made a few changes to the initial design based on your requests and feedback on the prototype cases:

First, there are now NINE SMA sized knockouts for antennas. There are six on the back side and three on the front.   So if you really need nine antenna leads then we’ve got you covered!

Second, we’ve modified the light guide holes to be a light rectangle.  During our tests we found the holes to be just too small to effectively see through.

Third, we’ve moved or removed some of the venting holes to make room for the additional antenna knockouts and laser etched labeling on the box.

On a related subject, we have priced out custom light guides made in the USA and have found they are all in the $10-20 range in small (500-1000 unit) quantities. Yow!  Our intrepid Industrial Designer continues to think and tinker, and it looks like he may have come up with a design in the $6-8 range.    This would normally be a few pennies each if we were making them 50,000 at a time in China, but we’re not there yet.     We will certainly ask for your feedback on this once we post the updated design.

So stay tuned! When we have a better ETA on the RouterStationPRO case and finalized pricing we’ll post it here and on netgate.com.


3 responses to “UBNT RouterStationPRO case update #2

  1. When can we expect these cases to be completed?

  2. Whoops, I see it will be released hopefully the first or second week of December. We should be able to purchase just the case correct?


  3. Just in time for the holidays! 😀

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