RouterStation PRO case available 12/10/09

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone!

Your industrious friends at Netgate have been working hard over the holiday weekend to bring you some excellent news to start your post-family-food-football-shopping-weekend.   We have a good ETA for you on the RouterStation PRO cases and kits.  (“Finally!” you say.  Yeah, we’re with you.)

December 10, 2009.

If you’ve already indicated interest by following our “I may want one!” link below, we’ll contact you with a few questions (just the case, a kit, a kit with card, pigtails and antennas) and payment options later this week when we recover from our food coma.  Don’t worry – you’re first in line.   In the mean time, if you want to look over the options we’ve collected all the relevant bits into a Ubiquiti Kits category here.

The RouterStation PRO enclosure WILL include a light guide, which raises the price to $40.

The RouterStation PRO KIT which includes the enclosure with light guide, RouterStation PRO board, and a power supply is $149.95 if purchased separately.  Our kit price is $147.95.

Various Ubiquiti cards, paired with the appropriate number of pigtails and antennas are also available on the same category page.

So go crazy!  Buy hundreds, nay, thousands!  That way we’ll be able to order 50,000 light guides from China and drop the price accordingly.  🙂

If you have a burning question, feel free to email us at

So what’s next?  How about a 1U rack mount enclosure for the RouterStation PRO?   Stay tuned…


2 responses to “RouterStation PRO case available 12/10/09

  1. 1) Completely made of metal, isn’t it? Aluminum?
    2) Size?
    3)The case looks very professional except for those shiny screws… not the right type, not the right color either. I think very easy to improve.

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