RouterStationPRO lightshow

We are so excited about this we just had to post right away:

Frazier made a really great animated gif of the lightguide for the RouterStationPRO in his copious spare time (ha!), which you can view here:

This works for me in Firefox but not in Safari, so YMMV.

We also have pictures of the final, laser etched design that is currently shipping:

Rear View of the RouterStationPRO case

RouterStationPRO case rear view

Front view of the RouterStationPRO case

RouterStationPRO case front view

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions…we’d love to hear from you.


6 responses to “RouterStationPRO lightshow

  1. I received my enclosures today, Dec. 14th. (They shipped right as promise on Dec. 10th, Thanks!) .

    It all looks and feels great.

    Are there any tips for aligning the light guide? I can’t get mine to be anywhere near as clear as the one in Frazer’s gif. I get a lot of light bleed between the different segments.

  2. I had a similar issue but after a little bit of work to position it just right I’m getting much better results. It still requires you to look at the light guide directly level. Any other angle and it’s still hard to distinguish what lights are lit.

    My only other complaint so far is I decided to use the 3 antenna slots on the back. The middle one is positioned directly above the power plug and the antenna pushes down on the plug. Hopefully it isn’t enough tension to cause problems later on.

  3. This is so cool. I wish you can make similar enclosures for Alix series.

  4. thats great! If the one for Alix 2 is available, Im definitely gonna get one. Please just tell me do you really have the plan to manufacture the faceplates for Alix? if not, I will just take the regular one.

    • Hi Peter,

      We have a few other items in the manufacturing queue at the moment, so it would probably be spring or summertime before we had a faceplate ready to roll. You actually can get one from Yawarra in Australia right now! And they come in a fabulous rainbow of colors. Check out their “bookshelf” cases here:

      We don’t import them directly from Yawarra because the shipping cost from Oz makes them hideously expensive. Still, they are fabulous…

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