We’re having an April Fools Sale… No kidding!

This is no joke & it’s not even April 1st (yet), but we must be foolish to offer deals like this…

While supplies last, we’ve slashed prices on our Gateworks boards and systems!

Buy now to cut a whopping $100 off the price of the robust 533Mhz Intel XScale IXP powered Avila 2345 board, $96 off the fully assembled Avila 2345 system, and $76 off our fully loaded version of the Avila 2348-2 with the XScale 266Mhz processor, an upgraded 64Mbytes SDRAM and optional CF card slot installed. We also have some very nice little desktop enclosures for the 2345.

We’re not sure if we’re the true April Fools here but we’ll let you decide.

We have a limited quantity of these beauties and they are going to go… fast!

Don’t wait to place an order or you’ll be the one feeling truly foolish.


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