New WiFi standards

There is a good overview of what may be coming over the next few years for WiFi in a Network World article by John Cox posted yesterday.  The full article is here:

Naturally we’d all like a Moore’s Law for WiFi, but it takes a while to gain consensus in the industry and even longer to achieve final publication of IEEE standards.  One of the most interesting ideas circulating is a proposal to jump WiFi to the 60 GHz band, which would make it possible to deliver upto 7 Gbps over a very short range vs. 802.11n which can reach 300Mbps.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is also circulating a specification called Wi-Fi Direct, which will allow bluetooth-like device to device connections.   This should give IT / Security departments more fits than a rogue AP in the building.

Check out John Cox’s article for a full rundown on all the new ideas and the 802.11 working group alphabet soup.


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