New and Improved Routerstation Pro Indoor case

Deep in the bowels of the Netgate design lab, we’ve been toiling for many months to bring you the successor to our popular Routerstation Pro indoor enclosure.  It’s been nearly a year since we launched our first RS-Pro case.  You told us what you liked and what you disliked and we’ve been listening… closely!  Well, the time has arrived to unveil our new design.  We hope you like it!

Read on for a list of the many improvements:

Color:The first and most obvious change is the exterior!  Red and black powder coated housings contrast sharply with silver anodized faceplates. Custom powder coated colors are now available.

Fine Details: The new anodized faceplates sport laser etched labeling and chamfered screw holes for a refined appearance.



Status Indicator Lights: New faceplate design and improved lightguide design provide accurate identification of board status.

Mounting Bracket: Laser-cut steel mounting bracket provides a precision fit inside the re-designed aluminum extrusion. No shifting or board alignment issues.



Interior Clearance: Taller housing provides clearance for mPCI cards with MMCX connectors in all three slots.



more product details here:


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