Summertime blues

Lots of changes at Netgate this Summer, some fantastic and some tragic.

First the fantastic news: we have moved our headquarters and our warehouse operation back to Austin, Texas. We started Netgate in Dallas in 1992 writing packet filtering firewall technology, moved to Austin and wound up also selling high power wireless parts you couldn’t find anywhere else, and we’ve been rolling along ever since. We’ve moved a few times over the years, always into larger locations in order to improve our customer service and manage our inventory in a more efficient manner. We’re certainly happy to be back “home”, closer to friends and family, Tex-Mex and BBQ. The joy of life!

Now for the completely unfantastic and tragic news: Our dear brother Ken Thompson passed away suddenly on August 1. He was managing our Las Vegas warehouse operations, talking with customers on the phone, tinkering with his 1994 Z-1 Corvette, keeping all the balls in the air and then some. We miss him so much and still can’t believe he’s gone from our lives.

We’ve heard from many of our customers about how helpful Ken was, always cheerful and ready to listen and to chat. Thank you for your condolences – it means a lot to us to hear that he was well liked and touched so many lives.

Aloha Ken, Mahalo Nui Loa.


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